Kånken Art by Tekla

Kånken Art happens when renowned artists, like Tekla Evelina Severin, express their relationship to nature while using Kånken as their canvas. Inspired by open space and straight horizon lines and coming in three colourways – Tekla creates under the fascination and awe of nature’s strong power, colour.


From warm and sunny latitudes, rugged archipelago cliffs and glowing poppy fields bathed in pink sunsets; she understands nobody does colour like nature.

The Arctic Fox Initiative

Kånken Art is a part of Fjällräven’s Arctic Fox initiative, where a portion of all sales goes to environment and climate projects – a way for us to, together, empower projects and ideas that help protect nature and inspire more people to spend time in it. This year’s edition of Kånken Art, Free Horizon by Tekla.

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The Designer’s Vision

“My starting point were the lines and volumes in nature, and then I built compositions around them. I wanted to find something long-lasting, open and spacious. What is more open and constant than the horizon line, where the sea or land meets the sky? It is always the same, yet constantly changing.”

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