Last Chance Items for Men

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High Coast Trousers M
Light, well-ventilated trousers for trekking in warm conditions. Made fr...
High Coast Fall Trousers M
Hardwearing outdoor trousers with a simple, clean design. Product Feat...
Greenland Shorts M
Comfortable shorts in G-1000 Eco. Hardwearing and versatile for outdoor ...
Singi Anorak M - Various colours
Well-ventilated anorak in G-1000 with double layers of fabric over the s...
Barents Pro Trousers M - Various Colours
Durable G-1000 trekking trousers with regular waist (mid waist) and regu...
Greenland Jeans M Long
Durable, functional jeans in G-1000 Eco. Comfortable in both everyday an...
High Coast Versatile Trousers M Regular
Well-ventilated outdoor trousers in G-1000 Air. Lightweight and airy for...
Abisko Midsummer Trousers M R - Various colours
Light, well-ventilated and packable trekking trousers. Perfect for hot c...
Keb Eco-Shell Jacket M - Various colours
Highly functional three-layer shell jacket in stretchy Eco-Shell with a ...
Abisko Trekking Shirt M - Various colours
Lightweight, packable hiking shirt in highly ventilated stretch fabric. ...
Abisko Shade Trousers M Long - Savanna
Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers with maximum air circulation in warm ...
Greenland Zip Cardigan M
The Greenland Zip Cardigan Dark Navy is constructed from premium Felpa j...
Greenland Down Liner Vest M - Various colours
Light, versatile down vest for extra warmth under a shell jacket in cold...
Bergtagen Thinwool LS M - Hokkaido Orange
Light base-layer top in merino wool for spring and summer high altitude ...
Abisko Hike Shirt SS M - Dark Grey
Comfortable short-sleeved trekking shirt in moisture-wicking fabric that...
Expedition Down Lite Vest M
Down vest in classic Fjällräven style, a robust reinforcement garment fo...
Greenland Winter Jacket M - Various colours
Classic winter jacket with warm teddy lining. A durable favourite both i...
High Coast Padded Jacket M
Lightweight, comfortable jacket with a thin layer of synthetic padding f...
Övik Shirt LS M
Long-sleeved shirt with comfort fit. For travelling and everyday outdoor...
Vidda Pro Trousers M Regular - Various colours
Durable, weather-resistant trekking trousers with mid waist and regular ...
Keb Fleece Hoodie M - Various colours
Hooded sweater in functional fleece with wool. Light and convenient when...