Men's Winter Jackets

Greenland Jacket M


5 colours available

Keb Eco-Shell Jacket M


5 colours available

Keb Jacket M


8 colours available

Greenland Winter Jacket M


7 colours available

Expedition X-Lätt Jacket M


3 colours available

Expedition Pack Down Jacket M


4 colours available

Keb Touring Down Jacket M


1 colour available

Keb Wool Padded Jacket M


1 colour available

Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket M


3 colours available

Expedition Down Lite Jacket M


7 colours available

Singi Down Jacket M


3 colours available

Jacket No. 68 M


1 colour available

Övik Wool Padded Jacket M


3 colours available

High Coast Hydratic Jacket M


4 colours available

Greenland Re-Wool Jacket M


4 colours available

High Coast Wind Jacket M


6 colours available

Sörmland Padded Jacket M


1 colour available

Visby 3 in 1 Jacket M


2 colours available

Greenland Down Liner Jacket M


4 colours available

There’s no better way to take your mind off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life than to embark on an empowering adventure in the wilderness. Discover our extensive selection of men’s winter jackets that will always keep you warm, dry, comfortable and ready for any outdoor pursuit.

Whether you like exploring the wonders of nature above the tree line or just taking long coffee walks in your local park - our men’s jackets will help you make the most of your experiences.

Walk with Fjallraven

As a leading outdoor clothing and accessories manufacturer, Fjällräven's mission is to provide millions of people around the world with comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experiences. Since 1960, quality, durability and sustainability have been the driving forces behind our signature brand experience.

Our collection of winter jackets for men is an extension of our eco-friendly approach towards facilitating the lifelong bond between people and nature.

Adjustable Jackets

Our men’s winter jackets include designs from the Greenland, High Coast, Expedition collections and many others that are made using our signature high-quality fabrics such as G-1000 Eco, G-1000 HeavyDuty and Eco Shell. Depending on the design, you can find men’s winter jackets padded with ethically produced down or pieces that can be adapted with Greenland Wax for better moisture-wicking properties. So whether your wintertime adventures include drastic temperature drops and heavy snow in the higher altitudes or rainy and damp weather - you can always find a jacket that offers adaptability to suit a range of conditions.

Comfortable Men’s Winter Jackets

Here at Fjallraven, we care deeply about the comfort aspect of our clothing and accessories, and our collection of winter jackets for men is no exception. Made with our signature materials, Fjallraven jackets are stretchy, breathable, lightweight and retain their shape for the longest time.

Depending on the design, you can find jackets with or without hoods, as well as pieces that will provide additional protection from wind, sun and water. If you want to experience full freedom of movement and utter comfort while in the unpredictable conditions of nature - you can be sure our jackets will keep you warm and cosy.

Versatile Jackets

Within our collection of men’s winter jackets, we offer a wide range of shapes, lengths and colours for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a neutral-coloured jacket to blend well with the rest of your outdoor wardrobe or a bright one to make sure you stand out when you’re out and about - there is a design to fit your requirements.

Our men’s winter jacket collection features a range of styles, so depending on if you want a jacket for active outdoor activities or for everyday wear in the city - you can find the one that will merge seamlessly with your style.

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Enhance your outdoor adventures with our collection of men's winter jackets. Browse our selection of selection of men’s jackets for more clothing that will make you feel at home in nature. Check out our collections of men’s shell jackets and puffer jackets.

Here at Fjällräven, we develop and produce our apparel on nature’s terms.

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When purchased in Australia or New Zealand, our products come with a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions regarding our products or the ordering process, please feel free to contact a member of our team.