Men's Jackets

Men's Jackets

Winter is a time of active recreation in the fresh air. Whether you’re enjoying the ski season at Thredbo or getting out for a hike that’ll blow away any cobwebs and vanquish the winter blues, Fjällräven is here to help you get fully kitted out to make the most of the cooler months. 

The Best Collection of Men’s Winter Jackets in Australia

Choosing the right clothes will help you feel comfortable and confident in various weather conditions. Nothing will hinder your movements, even while doing active sports. At Fjällräven, we live by the golden rule that all outdoor wear should keep you warm and dry. Our collection makes sure that these two parameters are preserved.

Here are some tips for putting together a comfortable and versatile wardrobe:

Consider investing in a down winter jacket (link to add once category is created)

Down jackets are distinguished by high thermal insulation and low weight, which allows them to be worn with comfort even in the most unfavorable weather. The down jacket is famous primarily for the fact that it is warm even at the lowest temperature - up to -35 ° С. Besides this, it has other advantages:

  • light weight;
  • good wind protection;
  • breathable construction.

Since the Fjällräven down jacket is filled with fully traceable, ultralight bird down, it offers prolonged wear and can be maintained by washing at a low heat. An insider tip is to place a couple of tennis balls in the machine at the same time in order to re-fluff the jacket as it’s washing. These jackets are designed in such a way that they simultaneously allow the body to breathe, while offering protection from the wind. Be sure to browse our accessories range to protect your head and neck from the wind as well as your core.

Another indispensable hiking accessory is a backpack. It should be large enough to hold everything you need, but it should not be too burdensome for the traveler. The larger the volume, the more weight, it usually ranges from 2 to 4 kilograms, depending on the materials used. Fjällräven hiking backpacks fit perfectly to the back, ensuring comfort and performance.

As a second layer, we recommend that you wear a comfortable and high-quality hoodie, sweater, jumper, or fleece jacket. These garments are suitable not only as a layer in cold weather, but also for outdoor activities like long walks in autumn. This is the kind of clothing that goes with everything and suits almost any occasion, making it a universal choice for every day.

When going hiking in winter, do not forget about high-quality warm trousers to protect your legs. 

Today, there are several types of hiking trousers that have taken root in the outdoor industry:

Hiking pants are typically very versatile and comfortable to wear in everyday life and travel. You’ll find all the equipment you need for your outdoor pursuits in our online collection. You can contact our team with any questions you have about the ordering process and take advantage of flexible payment options such as AfterPay and Zip Pay when you shop with us.

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