Women's Hiking Pants

Women's Hiking Pants

Comfortable, reliable and timelessly styled — these are the features you can expect as standard from the Fjӓllrӓven collection of women’s hiking pants.

Our garments are specially designed to protect your legs from the elements. They’re weather-resistant meaning you’ll be well equipped for your outdoor pursuits come rain or shine. Fjӓllrӓven’s range of pants for women caters for all seasons and features a host of styles and colours. Whether you have a preference for shorts in the heat or full length hiking pants, Fjӓllrӓven can help you build out an enviable outdoor wardrobe. Our women’s lightweight trekking trousers offer protection against tall grass, bushes, and thorns that you may encounter on a number of your hiking trails in Australia. These trousers are well ventilated and dry quickly after getting wet. Available in a classic straight cut, women’s hiking trousers offer the flexibility to be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe. For a contemporary take on traditional hiking trousers, consider our trekking tights. Those who like to move fast and light will appreciate them for the ability to move freely, their low weight, and their ability to remove moisture.

Women’s Technical Pants for any Australian Conditions

Hiking at altitudes of more than 1500 metres or taking trails through the forests can call for protective hiking pants to help you regulate your body temperature. If you’re planning on outdoor adventures in a humid climate, most modern hiking pants readily absorb moisture and dry out quickly as you’re on the move. Ventilation zippers, adjustable leg endings and a reinforced seat offer reliable and flexible comfort in all conditions. At Fjӓllrӓven, we’re ready to help you fully kit out your outdoor wardrobe. You’ll find your ideal high-quality jacket, several tops, and useful accessories to ensure you’re well equipped for your upcoming adventures. The team is on hand to answer any questions you might have about our product range or the online shopping experience. Get in touch today.

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