Womens Hiking Shirts

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Keb Wool T-Shirt LS W
Light, comfortable top in traceable merino wool. Perfect for trekking an...
Bergtagen Thinwool LS W
Light base-layer top in merino wool for spring and summer high altitude ...
Övik Lite Shirt LS W
Long-sleeved shirt made from cool, airy fabric. A classic on journeys in...
Abisko Hike Shirt LS W
Light long-sleeved trekking shirt in moisture-wicking fabric that feels ...
Abisko Cool T-Shirt W
Short-sleeved t-shirt with an attractive fit and V-neck. Made from comfo...
Bergtagen Thinwool SS W
Light base layer t-shirt in a merino wool blend. Perfect for spring and ...
Abisko Wool LS W
Light, long-sleeved top in merino wool blend for both warm and cold clim...