Wool for Men

Wool is a great insulator due to the naturally elastic and bendy fibers that trap air very well. The fibers also have low heat conductivity and don't pull heat the from your body, so when it's cold outside, the heat stays inside.

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Singi Wool Padded Parka M
Warm, durable winter parka in G-1000 Lite Eco with sustainable Swedish w...
Greenland Re-Wool Jacket M
Special edition Greenland Jacket in recycled wool and G-1000 Eco (recycl...
Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket M
Durable trekking jacket with warm Swedish wool insulation. Product Featu...
Övik Wool Padded Jacket M
Classic jacket in quilted G-1000 with sustainable wool padding. Produc...
Polar Fleece Jacket M
Robust hooded sweater in heavy-duty bonded fleece. Product Features H...
Keb Wool Padded Jacket M
Lightweight reinforcement jacket with Swedish wool padding for hiking an...
G-1000 Pocket Sweater M
Robust knitted sweater in traceable merino wool and details in G-1000 Ec...
Greenland Re-wool Shirt Jacket M
Robust “shirt-jacket” in recycled wool. Great for everyday use and easy-...
Canada Wool Padded Jacket M
Comfortable lumberjack’s shirt in recycled wool with durable, warm wool ...
Keb Fleece Hoodie M
Hooded sweater in functional fleece with wool. Light and convenient when...
Värmland Woolterry Half Zip M
Soft, warm base-layer sweater in merino wool blend for hunting and outdo...
Övik Nordic Sweater M
Patterned knitted sweater in traceable wool. Soft and warm for autumn an...
Singi Merino Henley M
Light, soft base-layer top in a merino wool blend. Resists bad odours na...
Canada Shirt M
Robust lumberjack's shirt in a warm wool blend. Product Features Robu...
Lada Sweater M
Knitted sweater in lambswool blend with classic shawl collar and slightl...
Övik Knit Sweater M
A beautiful patterned, knitted sweater in soft, warm wool. Round neck, s...
Granit Shirt M
Durable, warm lumberjack shirt with comfort fit in wool blend. G-1000 re...
Övik Round-neck Sweater M
Classic knitted sweater in soft, traceable wool for everyday outdoor lif...
Bergtagen Thinwool Long Johns M
Light, soft long johns in merino wool for alpine trips in the spring and...
Keb Wool T-shirt LS M
Light, comfortable top in traceable merino wool. Perfect for trekking an...
Bergtagen Thinwool LS M
Light base-layer top in merino wool for spring and summer high altitude ...