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Räven Shirt SS M


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Vardag Shorts W


2 colours available

Classic Badge Cap


4 colours available

nature is waiting for you

When nature wakes up after a long winter of sleep, it's an excellent time to hit the trail. Fresh and crisp air, birds singing, and, if you're lucky, warm sun on your face again. But remember to bring gear for both sun and rain and maybe even snow, spring weather is not to be trusted.

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Our most versatile collections of gear work as well on nearby adventures in the outdoors as they do in everyday life. Find your favourites here.

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It makes us less stressed, enhances our ability to solve problems, and it's overall very nice to spend time in it. Of course we're talking about nature. Read about all the physical benefits of spending time in the outdoors, maybe some of which are new even to you.



Keb Agile Trousers M


3 colours available

Keb Agile Trousers M Short


3 colours available

Expedition X-Lätt Vest M


3 colours available

trekking for women

Gear Pocket


5 colours available

Gear Bag Large


5 colours available

S/F Socks


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