Say hello to Tree-Kånken

Tree-Kånken is a tribute to the very first Kånken, not only design-wise, with its handle straps sewn lengthwise down the front and the non-visible front pocket. But also because it too wants to help solve a problem. Just as the first Kånken tackled the growing problem with back pain among schoolchildren, Tree-Kånken is exploring alternatives to fossil-based materials.


Unique Kånken backpack made from bio-based material. For everyday use and shorter outings.

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Tree-Kånken Pocket


2 colours available



7 colours available

Tree-Kånken Sling


4 colours available

Tree-Kånken Sling

Practical shoulder bag in Pine Weave made from bio-based material.

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Tree-Kånken Pocket

Works by itself as a gear bag, with its strap as a shoulder bag or attached to Tree-Kånken’s front loops as a front pocket.

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Tree-Kånken Gear Case

Versatile gear case in Pine Weave made from bio-based material.

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From pine to weave

The main material and lining of Tree-Kånken is made in Pine Weave, a durable, hardwearing fabric developed from Swedish wood-based raw material. The coating is a customized combination of water-based polyurethane and wax which both enhances durability and water resistance. And also gives every Tree-Kånken a unique worn-in patina that develops over time.

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Swedish wood chips

Wood is a renewable raw material that grows by naturally being fueled by sunlight and nutrition from the ground. It is high on the list of future alternatives to oil, a non-renewable fossil-based raw material.


The wood raw material is boiled into a pulp and dried into cellulose sheets. The sheets are then chemically dissolved in a closed system to create liquid cellullose - a sticky, viscous mixture.


The cellulose mixture is then pushed through spinnerets, and lyocell fibres emerge. The lyocell fibres are washed, dried, spun into yarn and then woven into fabric.

Pine Weave

Many lyocell fabrics today fall short when it comes to durability and functionality due to the nature of the fibers. In creating Pine Weave however, we have comprehensively improved and modified the processes involved - from fibre to yarn to weave to fabric and coating – creating a fabric that lives up to the high standards that you can expect from any Fjällräven product.