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Fjällräven Greenland Collection

Fjällräven's humble beginnings started when the company supplied revolutionary thermal tents and backpacks to the 1966 Scandinavian Greenland Expedition. After their trip, the members talked to the founder Åke Nordin about designing trousers and jackets to withstand external elements. Before that, outdoor clothing items weren't functional or intended for extended use.

The Fjallraven Greenland collection is a testament to that fateful expedition that opened the doors to various possibilities. Our founder made the first Fjällräven jacket light, robust and fast-drying, but he needed to adjust how resistant the material was to moisture. He added a mixture of paraffin and beeswax, which made the fabric more durable, windproof and water-resistant. 

Fjallraven Greenland jacket and other well-loved outdoor apparel

This discovery was the prelude to the signature G-1000 material, where the G is Greenland. The company first launched the Fjallraven Greenland jacket in 1968, and it remains a favourite outdoor apparel over 50 years later. The company also made Greenland Wax enhancing clothing for men's water resistance.

In the 21st century, the Fjallraven Greenland down jacket, G-1000 material and Greenland Wax are staples for hikers, campers, mountaineers and other outdoor explorers. The Greenland collection has organically expanded with new backpacks, clothing, accessories and other items introduced every season, complementing each other.

Our collection features products made with variations of our signature G-1000 material in combination with natural materials like cotton, wool and others. G-1000, with its different series, including designs for women, allows you to determine precisely how warm, stretchy and sturdy you want your Fjallraven Greenland top to be. Other materials bring additional comfort and push the functionality aspect of the products to perfection. So whether you are walking in a local park on a chilly autumn day or exploring higher altitudes, you will find a great set of clothing to meet your needs.

Discover our extensive Fjallraven Greenland collection and ensure you enjoy your time in the wilderness to the fullest.

Explore nature with Fjallraven Greenland

At Fjällräven, we take matters of durable clothing seriously, and our Greenland line reflects that. We find value in supporting sustainability and the beauty of a lifelong bond between the owner and the piece of clothing or equipment. This relationship helps to make the most of the time spent in the wilderness, creating memories. Once purchased, the Fjallraven Greenland collection will be your travel companion for years until you decide to pass your Greenland jacket, backpack or shorts down to the next generation of nature enthusiasts.

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For purchases made in Australia or New Zealand, we offer a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions about our range of products or the ordering process, don't hesitate to contact a team member - they are always happy to help.